M. Carolyn Steele


Spirit of the Crow

ISBN-10: 1509212868 | ISBN: 978-1509212866
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In 1836 John McGregor, a Scottish and Seminole half breed, kills a white man in Florida. The crime is worse when the man turns out to be an Army sergeant. Self-defense is no excuse. McGregor is angry––angry with God, the Maker and Taker of Breath, angry with the red man as well as the white. Among the Indians, this rage earns him the name, One-Who-Gives-No-Chance. The hardened outcast hides among hundreds of Creek Indians being forcibly removed to Indian Territory. No-Chance ignores the human misery until a scream awakens a hidden memory. He risks exposure of his secret and intercedes for an injured woman in labor. The birth of the infant begins the redemption of John McGregor as he seeks to escape past demons and, despite the hardships, make a place for himself in Indian Territory.

What Reviewers have to say about this award winning novel

“From the Creek Indians on the Trail of Tears to the Great Plains of the Comanche, M.Carolyn Steele’s SPIRIT OF THE CROW is a skillful blend of high adventure, authentic history, touching romance, and the love of a half-breed fugitive for a child that brings to life the Indian experience of America’s early 1800s.” ~ Charles W. Sasser, author of the military classic, One Shot –One Kill and 60 other best-selling books and novels

“M.Carolyn Steele’s vivid imagery and period details plunged me into this story of one man’s quest for survival amid removal from his homeland to a harsh and unwelcoming land. The Spirit of the Crow is a deeply moving, lyrical tale of struggle and tenderness, fortitude and redemption that will delight lovers of historical fiction and especially those who enjoy Native American history and folklore. I loved it!” ~ Carla Stewart, award-winning author of Stardust and A Flying Affair

M.Carolyn Steele has gone all out in her debut novel, Spirit of the Crow. She moves you right into the cleansing of the Creek tribe from the southern states and dumps them in the land out west after a “journey” that becomes a death march. Carolyn has found a reality in her characters that emerge from the pages of this novel in a strong form. You must read it. ~ Dusty Richards, Two-time Spur Award winner and author of the Chet Byrnes Western Series