M. Carolyn Steele


Program Topics

Capture Your Family’s Past: Turn Dry Facts into an Unforgettable Story

Our ancestors deserve more than a mere listing of names, places, and dates. This program discusses various methods of presenting family legends in written form and how to make them memorable using era research. Example of an ancestor legend is given along with the steps involved in crafting the legend into a story that will immortalize the personalities for generations to come. Visuals used during the presentation.

Three Dimensional Character Chart handout.

For writers: A shortened version of this program, adding examples of ancestor stories that have been published, what distinguished them from the ordinary, and what made them into best sellers.

Trinkets or Treasures? Preserve the History of Heirlooms with Stories

Every heirloom, whether it is something as personal as a hand-made quilt or as utilitarian as a much-used tool, has history. Learn how to craft a story around a family artifact before that history is lost and a once treasured object ends up in a garage sale because no one remembers its past. Examples of the various methods of crafting such stories will be given along with display of the actual heirlooms. Tips on preserving elderly artifacts such as documents and fabric items discussed. Quilt Preservation and Cleaning Antique Glass handouts.

Secrets and Scandals

Every family has its share of secrets and scandals. The question is whether or not to record such information. This program examines the pros and cons of reporting life’s untidy facts, using an example of personal research. Humorous example of “crafty wording” handout.

Writer’s Tips to Get Started and Stay Focused

All genealogists have ancestor legends to tell; however, sometimes just getting started crafting those stories seems insurmountable. This program shares a few simple tricks used by professional writers to sit down, stay focused, and spur creativity. A short exercise involves audience participation.

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